Space Jesus

An electronic dance music (EDM) performer, DJ and musician currently based in Philadelphia.

About Me

Space Jesus is the stage name and persona of Jasha Tull, an electronic dance music (EDM) performer, DJ, and musician currently based in Philadelphia.

Known for his signature sound and energetic live performances, Space Jesus focuses on combining different EDM stylings with bass-heavy beats and Hip-Hop flavor to create consistently fresh, captivating tracks that test the limits of what’s possible in the EDM realm.

Beginnings and Early Success

Originally from New Jersey, Jasha found an enduring love of hip hop and musicians like Bob Marley at an early age, having woken up to the sounds of New York City’s Hot 97 radio throughout his youth.

At age 16, he began making his own hip-hop tracks, setting the stage for what quickly became a deep fascination with EDM and future-bass music production. Jasha soon started exploring his passion for EDM and bass-driven beats as Space Jesus, creating the now-famous persona through which to share his personal experiences and love of high-energy, soul-ripping tracks with the world.

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The 2011 release of SPACE JESUS EP earned Jasha instant recognition across the EDM scene and countless followers up and down the East Coast, launching a career that’s yet to slow down.

Live Performances and Growing Reputation

During his career, Space Jesus has built a reputation for delivering dynamic, mind-bending live performances and sharing the stage with some of the biggest acts in EDM festival scene, including such names as Honeycomb, Two Fresh, Sugarpill, Minnesota, Zeds Dead, Bluetech, The Polish Ambassador, Mr. Bill and more.

With appearances at Shambhala, Middlelands, Camp Bisco (2011), Mysteryland, Tomorrowworld, and other EDM favorites, Space Jesus has solidified his spot as a mainstay in the Dubstep and Freeform Bass universe for years to come.

Pushing Beyond the Boundaries

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